Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

EXPO 2020 Dubai

The Saudi Arabia Pavilion for EXPO 2020, whose architecture and content were entirely designed by our company, will stand out as the largest Pavilion amongst the visiting countries at the EXPO site.

Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Its daring cantilevered structure and a very sophisticated audiovisual system integrated into the exterior façades and floor of the Pavilion’s square would ensure it as the most distinctive, exciting, and memorable landmark. Thanks to this integrated approach, the overall result is functional, high-tech, and sustainable architecture consolidated with its contents.

Throughout the day, Open Square would be the first showcase of the Saudi Pavilion to the world. The vast overhanging glass facade is creating a comforting shade over the waiting area. At the same time, this large mirror reflects all the activities on the plaza. Later in the afternoon, it will become a gigantic screen inviting the visitors to the Pavilion.

The exhibition in the interior transports the visitors along a captivating journey, permeated with the history, heritage, nature, people, and future vision of Saudi Arabia. The experience is driven by content, created and presented using the latest audiovisual technology, designed to connect the world to the Saudi Kingdom, making the most inspiring and immersive experience.

After the event, the Pavilion would remain as a legacy architecture of the EXPO Dubai 2020.

Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


2018 - 2020

Designed for

Government of KSA.

Total Pavilion area

13,059 sqm

Total Exhibition area

6.990 sqm

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