Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Cartagena, Spain

This museum is the offers a fresh design to archaeology exhibitions. Contained in a contemporary building, it has a clear structure from starting to end.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

On one side of the museum, the display focuses on the methodology followed by the archaeologists. Large format LED screens surround the space with images of the archaeologists working underwater on a shipwreck. The scientific process is well explained by means of scenographies, hands-on interactives and graphics.

On the other side of the museum, all the artefacts obtained on the excavation site, are displayed in five-meter-high showcases that go from floor to ceiling, showing the abundance of material that belongs to the Spanish underwater. Hands-on elements and show the evolution of navigation technology through history.

Design highlights:

  • Large format custom-made showcases
  • 80 meter-long AV projection with LED screens
  • Interactive and hands-on elements


2009 - 2009

Designed for


Total area

1800 sqm

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