Meydene Cultural Center


Meydene is an interactive cultural center in the heart of M Avenue. It is a global project that entails architecture, exhibition, and communication design with a very contemporary approach.

Meydene Cultural Center

The project is a collaboration between our company and Tamschick Media+Space.Meydene is a gateway to the city and its surroundings by allowing visitors to understand the culture and the art of living in Marrakesh.

Its large media façade calls visitors’ attention and invites them to discover the permanent exhibition space, a 350-seat auditorium, and open-air space for a Moroccan gastronomic experience.

The visitors will enjoy the great experience of being immersed in immense multimedia interactive space that unveils the magic and beauty of the city and the country, challenging them to discover it by themselves.


2016 - 2021

Designed for

DHC Maroc

Total area

3,000 sqm

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