Istanbul Archaeological Museum


Istanbul Archaeological Museum, established in 1869, is the first regular museum in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Currently, the Museum is undergoing a process of transformation into a new contemporary institution.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Our company was privileged to develop the design, project, and fit-out of the entire exhibition area. This work includes the re-distributing of more than four thousand objects along 36 galleries.

The key aspect of the design is its respect for the artifacts and the architecture. The project introduces new display environments that emphasize storytelling and a comprehensive narrative. State-of-the-art showcases, large format graphics, life-size scenographies, and bespoke lighting design create a harmonious exhibition space that positions the Istanbul Archaeological Museum at the vanguard of the world’s scientific museums.


2014 - 2021

Designed for

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Total area

6,800 sqm

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