House of European History

Brussels, Belgium

The House of European History aims to convey an overview of the European process as well as the European history, taking into account its diverse nature and its many interpretations and perceptions.

House of European History

The design is based on a collection of objects mainly from the 20th century, complemented by scenographies and a variety of audiovisual installations that help the visitors understand different viewpoints and perspectives of history. The main centrepiece is a tree sculpture composed of words that represent the main and ideas of Europe.

In order to offer a multilingual visit, people will get a tablet that allows them to experience the entire museum in their own language.

Design highlights:

  • Tree- sculpture centerpiece as main concept of Europe
  • Artifact treatment
  • Scenograpahy
  • Large-format media integration


2014 - 2014

Designed for


Total area

4000 sqm

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