Exhibition «Seljuks.»

Istanbul, Turkey

The newly renovated Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art in Istanbul opened its doors with the temporary an exhibition that casts new light and opens new points of view on the vast and mythical Seljuk Empire during its most important period from 11th to 13th century.

Exhibition «Seljuks.»

“Seljuks” presents the cultural heritage of the Seljuk society with special emphasis on architecture and the daily life. More than two hundred archaeological objects become part of the setting that makes them alive again and gives them a human dimension. The whole space is conceived as noble arched hall that is coronated by a series of golden domes that gather the most representative objects from different state and private collections of Turkey. Light projections of patterns of Seljuk carpets magically cover the visitors as they walk through the exhibit. 

A large size audio-visual that introduces the visitors to the reconstructions of the most important architectural achievements of the Seljuk culture.

The most important Seljuk manuscripts and their illuminations are used to create animated stories that bring to life stories that are almost a thousand years old. Life size projections bring the Seljuk culture are tremendously appealing to the young visitors.


2015 - 2015

Designed for

Seljuk Municipality

Total area

530 sqm

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