Exhibition “Interwoven Empires.” Museum of Islamic Art

Doha, Qatar

The exhibition concept is based on a large horizontal borderless space that present the spectacular collection of carpets from Iran, Turkey, India together with other objects that reflect the historical environment of politics and artistic production of the 16th and 18th Century.

Exhibition “Interwoven Empires.” Museum of Islamic Art

A horizontal landscape is surrounded by monochromatic background images that identify the atmosphere of the different Empires with graphics that bring color to the space, using enlarged reproductions of the miniatures unfolding the life the palaces. As clouds over beautiful scenery, audiovisual installations will magically create virtual spheres that display an appealing multimedia show using carpet patterns and their relation to other artistic objects, juxtaposing the different artistic styles of the Timurid, Safavid, Ottoman and Mugal Empires.


2016 - 2016

Designed for


Total area

790 sqm

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