Diocesan Museum

Zaragoza, Spain

Located in the refurbished Archbishop Palace of Zaragoza, the museum holds a valuable collection of religious sculpture, paintings as well as goldsmiths and silversmith works, displayed in galleries organized by different artistic periods.

Diocesan Museum

Two multimedia galleries articulate the exhibition. The main audiovisual is presented in the Gothic gallery, which is the heart of the museum.

The 14-meter-high projection covers the wall and ceiling of the hall and recreates the story of the coming of the Virgin of Pilar of Zaragoza using beautiful visual effects.

The design is very respectful to the architecture and the artwork displayed and offers the public an enjoyable experience.

Design highlights:

  • Artifact treatment
  • Large-format audiovisual integration


2011 - 2011

Designed for


Total area

1000 sqm

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