Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Alicante, Spain

MARQ, awarded with the European Museum of the Year Award 2004, is definitely the museum that introduced new ways in design for communicating Archaeology and History in exhibitions.

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

A permanent collection of more than two thousand artefacts from Prehistory to the Medieval period is displayed in context with the daily life scenes of each society throughout the years. The central part of the museum holds life–scale scenographies of various types of archeological sites where visitors can understand the meticulous works of Archeologists during their excavations. The museum has become a reference for not only for exhibition design but also as a tool for educating purposes of schools and universities.

Design highlights:

  • Artefact treatment and custom-made showcases
  • Scenography integration
  • Audiovisual and interactive integration


  • EMYA Museum of the Year Award 2014


2002 - 2002

Designed for


Total area

2400 sqm

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