Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. EXPO 2020 Dubai

Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Istanbul

Invisible Worlds. AMNH, New York

Meydene Cultural Center.


Ancient Orient Museum and Tiled Kiosk. IAM, Istanbul

Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Imperial Mint.

Topkapi Palace Museum.

Military Storages. Istanbul

Atturaif Living Museum. Riyadh

Hamdi Dalan Soap Museum.

Ismirna. Turkey.

National Museum of Prague.

Czech Republic.

Exhibition “Interwoven Empires.” Museum of Islamic Art. Doha. Qatar.

Exhibition “The Lady, the Prince, the Hero, and the Goddess.”

Museo Íbero. Jaén. Spain.

A Day in Riyadh event. United Nations. New York

«A Day in Riyadh event.» United Nations. New York. USA.

Sevgi and Kaya Turgut Museum Collection. Istanbul. Turkey.

Exhibition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Exhibition Seljuks. Istanbul, Turkey

Exhibition «Seljuks.» .

Istanbul. Turkey.

Master plan for Istanbul Archaeological Museums and Topkapi Area. Istanbul. Turkey.

Exhibition Five Hundred Years of Islamic Calligraphy. Bahrain

Exhibition «Ancient Bahrain: The Power of Trade.» Sharjah. UAE.

Exhibition «Five Hundred Years of Islamic Calligraphy.» Bahrain.

House of European History. Brussels. Belgium

House of European History.
Brussels. Belgium.

Wu Kingdom Helv Relic Museum.
Wuxi. China.

Exhibition «Art of Travel: Bartholomäus Schachman.» Doha. Qatar.

Exhibition «Hajj, The Journey Through Art.» Doha. Qatar.

Istanbul City Museum.
Istanbul. Turkey.

Museum of Sakip Sabanci.
Istanbul. Turkey.

Museum of Cycladic Art. «Collection of Cypriote Antiquities.» Athens. Greece.

Exhibition «Across.»
Istanbul. Turkey.

Diocesan Museum.
Zaragoza. Spain.

Museum of Navigation.
Seville. Spain.

Exhibition «Treasures of Aga Khan Museum.» Istanbul. Turkey.

Exhibition «De Byzance à Istanbul,
un Port pour deux Continents.»
Paris. France.

Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Expo Shanghai 2010. China

Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Expo Shanghai 2010. Shanghai. China.

Museum of the Memory of Andalusia. Granada. Spain.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Cartagena. Spain.

Museum of Cycladic Art. «Daily Life in Antiquity». Athens. Greece.

Pavilion of Aragón. Expo Zaragoza 2008. Spain

Pavilion of Aragón. EXPO Zaragoza 2008. Zaragoza. Spain.

Exhibition “Zoo Mari”
Barcelona. Spain.

Pavilion of Acciona. Expo 2008
Zaragoza. Spain.

Exhibition «Chancellor Ayala. 6th Centennial.» Vitoria-Gasteiz. Spain.

Museum of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia. Coria del Río. Spain.

Exhibition “Ibn Khaldun Peak and decline of the Empires.”
Seville, New York, and Tunis.

Museum of Almería.


Museum of the Romanesque and Territory. Aguilar de Campoo. Spain.

Museum of the History of Valencia. Spain.

Clock Museum, “The Palace of Time.” Jerez. Spain.

Wine Museum, “The Mystery of Jerez.” Spain.

Archaeology Museum of Alicante. Spain

Archaeological Museum of Alicante. Spain.

Exhibition “The Splendour of the Cordovan Umayyads.” Madinat Al-Zahara. Cordoba. Spain.

Museum of Enlightment and Modern Age. Valencia. Spain

Museum of the Enlightenment and Modern Age. Valencia. Spain.

Science Museum of Castilla la Mancha. Cuenca. Spain

Science Museum of Castilla la Mancha. Cuenca. Spain.