Topkapi Palace Museum

Military Storages, Istanbul

Military storages, built in the 19th century, are within the borders of Topkapi Palace Walls. The project aims to initiate the transformation of the storage buildings into new, contemporary museum halls that will serve visitors within the future extension plan of the Topkapi Palace Museum.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Museum’s Chinese porcelain collection consists of more than ten thousand pieces, and it is the largest porcelain collection outside of China. Now, a rich selection from these porcelains will meet with the visitors, along with Japanese and European porcelains, which once decorated the Sultans’ tables. Furniture, textiles, and various objects will also reflect the exquisite lifestyle of Ottoman palaces. A unique tile collection from Iznik and Kütahya,  European countries, and late Ottoman stone inscriptions will also meet the visitors for the first time in an immersive atmosphere.


2018 - 2018

Designed for

Topkapi Palace Museum

Total area

4.350 sqm

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