Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Imperial Mint, Istanbul

Imperial Mint was established on an area of approximately 17 decares, which was first built in 1727. The buildings were extended and renewed during the years 1764-1831.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums

The Building 3 and the Building 13 of the Imperial Mint is now preparing to host the “İstanbul Throughout the Ages” and the “Numismatic” museum exhibitions under the directorate of İstanbul Archaeological Museums. “İstanbul Throughout the Ages” will be located in Building 13, is going to tell the story of İstanbul starting from prehistory to Byzantine and Ottoman periods together with archaeological findings including the ones from latest excavations.

The “Numismatic” museum exhibition will be situated in Building 3, which is going to explain the story of minting from ancient times through modern days with the help of minting machinery which are still observable in the Building.

This exhibition will include rich coin selection from İstanbul Archaeological Museums’ collections from antiquity to Islamic periods, as well as banknotes and ephemera objects of the Republican Period.


2019 - 2019

Designed for

İstanbul Archaeological Museums

Total area

Building 3 / 1.007 sqm - Building 13 / 2.541 sqm

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