Hamdi Dalan Soap Museum

Ismirna, Turkey

Hamdi Dalan Museum, located in the city of Ismirna, presents the legacy of Dalan’s family in the art of soap making and mirrors the development of the industry of Izmir.

Hamdi Dalan Soap Museum

The Museum will be set in the old Factory of Dalan Soap, a beautiful 19th Century building, that is going under restoration works.

The permanent exhibition will show the tradition of soap making through time as well as the story of Dalan’s brand and the heritage behind the Dalan family and Izmir’s history. Visitors will enjoy an attractive, informative and interactive exhibition throughout the floors of the Museum. Children and adults will be able to engage their ve senses by means of hands-on displays, audiovisual projections and an interactive workshop.


2016 - 2016

Designed for

Hamdi Dalan

Total area

790 sqm

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