I have been designing scenographies, museums, exhibitions, and crazy stuff for my entire professional career. It is how I think, this is what I do, it is how I communicate with the world for the last 35 years.

Our BMA team is close-knit and big on relationships. We enjoy traveling, and we work readily between our offices in Seville, Dubai, and Istanbul. We are a handpicked team of diverse backgrounds who bring unique skills, relevant experience, and special qualities, from Architecture, Multi-Media Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Stage Design & Production to History. We are a daring design workspace with deep-rooted experience creating an architecture, multimedia, and exhibition environment suited for diverse space, content, or client.

Our projects are known as forerunners of media-enriched design, grounded in the appreciation of its context. BMA’s philosophy is about joining forces and knowledge to achieve excellence in every project, working closely with clients and expert collaborators worldwide.

Boris Micka

Boris Micka

We’re here to do the best work of our lives