I have been designing scenographies, museums, exhibitions and crazy stuff for my entire professional career. It is how I think, it is what I do, it is how I communicate with the world.

I am passionate about my work.

I studied this art under professor Josef Svoboda in Prague University of Arts, Architecture and Design. I have sharpened my skills as an exhibition scenographer along the 20 years that I had the privilege to be creative director at GPD, SA. in Seville. Together with an extraordinary team, we designed and built a huge amount of projects, many of which obtained international awards.

In 2013, it was time to continue my journey so I decided to open my own studio. The new studio -Boris Micka Associates- collaborates with great professionals in Seville, Istanbul, Berlin and Prague.

We are looking forward to create new exciting, surprising and very emotional projects together with the clients that are willing to explore new ways on how to attract and amaze their visitors.


Apartado de Correos 199. 41510, Mairena del Alcor. Sevilla

+34 629 873 700